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Sunday, May 30, 2010


As the title explains, I got a haircut over the weekend. I told the barber, "exposing the neck, short, layered, with some bangs." And then my hair turned exactly like my friend's. I feel like a twin. Ugh...

Made some new art:

and a new bookmark!

so yea.

This might be my last post, because pretty soon, I'm gonna be on vacation.
So thank you followers.

P.S. Oh yea, I got a invite to Lookville.com by someone named Miranda B. who happened to look at my blog and like it. It's a fashion discussion site under beta testing, and you can join by private invite only (as of now). So thanks Miranda!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cristofori's Dream

New Deviation (and it's not a commission. It just happened to come out of the pencil in my hand):

Cristofori's Dream
"Again, my OC Cristofori. Accidentally made his lip jut out too far, so I made him exhale some kind of smoke. Also, the lineart turned accidentally blue on Photoshop, but I kind of like it like that, so here it is.

Originally a inking on notebook paper.

The title comes from a really nice piano piece. [link] I just get so amazed with the sweetness of the piece."

Monday, May 24, 2010

Failed (x2)

Ok. Apparently sounds4nate doesn't like my paintings. Neither of them. So I struck him a deal: if he doesn't like the third one he can keep all three. And I still get $5! Mwahahaha!

Commission Fail #1: At the Bar

Commission Fail #2: Syke's Sustenance

I was reading Hibiki's Magic (story by Jun Maeda and art by Rei Idumi) because I traded my new copy of Pandora Hearts with my friend G.L. for a week. The side story is so sad. It made me tear up...

Oh yeah, for a science project I had to do over the stegosaurus, I made a salt-dough steggy. The first one burnt up because it was left in the microwave too long. The second one was a success! (Sorry, I have no photos.) And on the way to school, I dropped it in the car just as the radio was advertising tacquitos, so I guess it was randomly named Taquito. I'll take pictures when I get it back.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

1st set done!

Hey-a fellas!

Today I'm in a particularly happy mood because I've finished all my commissions yesterday and today! Including the bookmarks. Yep, lamination too!

UberStar for Rachel T.

Here are the 1st set of bookmarks

The top 2 are for sounds4nate, while the bottom 2 are for my other friend. Cristofori & Syke are original characters that sounds4nate and I made up (mostly me, by the way) and Ava (on the bottom bookmark) too. The ninja's on the bottom bookmark are kind of based off Ever After (a webcomic).

I think I'll scan and upload the last one tomorrow. Sorry, sounds4nate. You'll have to wait until Tuesday.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Picture of the day:

I'm so sorry, my customers. I haven't gotten the bookmarks done, because I haven't gone shopping for card-stock or laminated them yet. As for my clients that want watercolors, I'm going to get them done this afternoon (if possible). Don't be angry with me...

As for all those awards I got at the ceremony, I can't help it if I'm smart... I don't know whether to be ashamed or to be proud.

Tried to make a t-shirt. Haven't finished.

Also have a lot of math homework, but that's too boring and time-consuming.

Have a lot of leftover pizza. Must eat it for lunch.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Picture of the day:

Still working on the first two commishes that I've got (both bookmarks). I still need to get some supplies.... Maybe I'll get a laminating machine (so expensive) so it'll look professional. Also, I've gotten a 3rd commission from my awesome friend who makes great art! 8D. It's going to be a full-colored watercolor ($5), and I've already drawn most of it out. I just need to paint. There's also this kid who doesn't have enough money yet, but he'll buy anything I draw. (Hooray!)

Recently, I've joined Den of Angels forum to research about BJDs and I've stumbled upon a nice looking one for only $200. (Expensive, but decent in the BJD world.)

Singlish is awesome. It's a mix of a lot of familiar cultures: Chinese, English, and Malay. See the wikitravel article.
Singlish: You wan beer or not? -- Dunwan leh, drink five botol oreddi. English: Do you want a beer? -- No, thanks; I've already had five bottles.
Awesomely hilarious.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

RIP, Rice-cake


No picture of the day, because the selected picture's artist has not replied to my request asking to use it.

My friend, G. L., is writing a manga, Spades. It's an "Alice in Wonderland" type of story. The storyline is ok, and the art is good (for about 5 seconds per picture...). In fact, the art looks sort of like Heart no Kuni no Alice. Also, I have her permission to color it on Photoshop and post it here. 8D (Although that's a lot of pages to color -- she has two books already drawn in spiral notebooks.)

I really want to get a bjd (ball-jointed doll), but they are so expensive. Hundreds of hundreds of dollars. I'm too cheap. Though they look cool (and creepy at the same time)...
This just happened: My hamster, Rice-cake, died. Her death was caused by two main reasons: broken arm that resulted in less exercise, that in turn resulted in paralysis, and neglect. I feel so guilty because I neglected her so much, I feel like a murderer.
What to do...?


I started doing commissions for my friends: Drawings, cards, bookmarks, and more. The reason I started commishing is because I want some funds to go on a mission trip this summer and maybe for an A-Kon. Prices are cheap, starting from $1 and ranging to $5. This is only preliminary though, because my art is not that awesome. I've received 2 commissions so far, one from sounds4nate and one from my friend in class. Both are bookmarks. I've finished coloring some illustrations I'm going to put on there, then I will cut out some pretty shapes in construction paper, add some patterns, glue on paperboard, and laminate it. My friend paid me $1 for her bookmark, but sounds4nate came along and bribed me with $2 to do his first. He later told me he'd give me $5, because of tips and that I was his best friend. (^u^) So happy to be a best friend... 

I need to go to the store to buy some supplies for commissions. I need some good paperboard and more tools to aid in my commishes.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Made more art:

Skipping along the wall
It's a wallpaper, so enjoy.

Here's the original:

I spent lots of time shading this, with some help from my brother in developing technique. You never see kids this happy anymore. Well, but then, this kid is fictional.

Picture of the day:

FFXIII_Noctis by ouija-b

You can't help but admire the sword.

Turns out, the cardinals laid 3 eggs and abandoned it. Eggs were buried later.

Found out this awesome new comic, Hanna is not a Boy's Name. It's about a zombie, a weird 24-year old college kid, vampires, werewolves, and much more. The artist happens to be a "Starbucks barista by daya wannabe comic artist by night". Although I have to say, she's so much better than just a wannabe.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Picture of the Day:

I've begun to Photoshop more. I get on Mondays, mostly. Sometimes the weekend. Recent projects I'm working on are an OC that has a trenchcoat (plus a tie!) and fanart of Oz from PH.

Current art project: oil pastels. I mean, oil pastels aren't bad. They're just like thick, oily, and blend-able crayons. I do prefer crayons (the kind that is waxy enough to blend easily, but not flake) over oil pastels, because you can get more detail in and not have to wash your hands because of the icky greasiness. But art teachers can be stubborn sometimes.

I have an "I love Hong Kong" t-shirt. I've always joked about it being "I love Hershey Kisses." In class, one of my friends said, "I didn't know you liked hot Koreans." What random ecstasy!