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Friday, April 30, 2010


Cardinals beginning to nest in my yard. Wonder how that will turn out. My dog has been in a good mood recently...

Testing tomorrow..... Be prepared to DIE! (Well, at least that's the case for me...) Ok, testing is over. The Social Studies test wasn't as hard as people said it was. You just have to remember key dates and stuff. The reason I did so well is because I can listen and draw at the same time. As the teacher is rambling on about civil war, I'll be drawing OCs and random crap...

I'm drawing so much, I hardly have enough time to practice my Photoshop on it all. Maybe I should just get someone else to do the PS, but then the work wouldn't completely be mine.

Finally, I finished my first Photoshop project, an original character. He's featured in the little gadget there on the side of the blog, but I'll put it here too.

Gotta work on the shading more.

Picture of the Day:
The emotion sweeps me off my feet.
(Please excuse the blood)

Had a weird dream. I dreamed that I was Gil from Pandora Hearts and I was at Pandora. Vincent wanted me to play the cello in front of the top brass (with an ensemble). I knew I sucked at cello, so I asked him if there was anyone else who could play instead of me. There wasn't. So anyways, Vincent led me and Liam to the auditorium. (WTH was Liam doing there anyway?) The pathway to the auditorium was creepy; skeletal figures greeted us as we drifted by in a watery-ish road. The "water" brush my hat. Finally, I played and I sucked. There was even another cello player better than me there. (Except he got a supporting part, not the main part like me.) After the concert, I was furious with Vincent and we both got upset and lock ourselves in our own seperate rooms. And that's the dream. Pretty weird, huh?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


There was a baby bunny in my backyard. Fortunately, my dog didn't maul it. It was removed and taken outside. Unfortunately, my next door neighbors cremated it. Yes, they did.

Here are some photos I promised to post.

Headless man:


Front with backpack

Back with backpack

I've gotta make him some pants later.
Here, me and sounds4nate have collaborated on random doodles (or should I say, "noodles")

Random Noodles:
Notice the raw potato, left and centered.

The Schwa was here.

Friday, April 23, 2010


I suppose today was fine. Just hot and boring. Just two to three weeks ago, we were still shivering from the cold.  I was picking up litter with my friends and none of them had heart to pick anything up. Such un-green friends. Just yesterday was Earth Day, and now my buddies were complaining about the heat, light, and the pure grossness of picking up after slobs. At least one of them were actually trying to help. I can't believe the unwillingness in my friends. What sadness.

Thank God that the childish crayon project is over. Now, we're working on a surreal one-point perspective maze that's due tomorrow. I'm done with the sketching; just have to finish the coloring. I included some OC's I created for myself in this past two months. Strangely, all of them have elfin ears...

I'm preparing for a violin festival coming up. Still need to practice, but I'm busy and there's not enough time. There never is.

I got so bored today, I began to doodle on my palm in blue ballpoint pen. Pretty soon, my hand was tattooed completely. But I know some people that would be disappointed in my skin art, so I had to wash it away. Only some of the ink would rub away, so I tried hand sanitizer and later, my palms became Avatar-blue. Fortunately, they just only are a bit bluish.

Sorry. Must go. I must gather more interesting topics to post.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spoiled Milk

As I was doing some math homework, I got POed at how dumb it could be. I certainly don't want to do some two-page long problem on how long it would take for milk to spoil if it was 20º C. I'd just go put the milk back in the fridge or drink it up before it spoils. Only some radical nerd would dare to solve some pointless equation like that. But I had to solve it.

Over the weekend, I had some art homework, but not the fun type of art. It was more of the "forced enjoyment" kind of art. I mean, how can you really do art if your heart is not into it? My heart is definitely not into waxy crayon dots over some lousy construction paper. Seriously, who likes drawing dots with crayons for fun? I just wish art would be a lot more fun than the elementary stuff we're doing now.

You guys do know I have a deviantArt right? (Well of course--otherwise, why would I rave about Cindre in my last post?) It's at speckledluminance.deviantart.com. I'm not the best artist. Anyway, I finally learned more about Photoshop and how I could use it to my advantage. Using Photoshop CS2, I'm currently coloring an OC that I drew last weekend. I'm going to post it as soon as possible. Hopefully my skills will improve over time.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


You know how Juliet in Romeo and Juliet is compared to a sun? Well, that would mean that she's very bright, warm, and .... gaseous. Just something to think about. (^_^)
Recently, I made a stuffed creature for art class. It's human, I guess, but it has no head. It does have a heart, though. And it is not a voodoo doll, contrary to most people's ideas. Everywhere I go, I've been asked who I was torturing, and IT IS NO ONE! Some people are now more wary of me than ever (which I don't mind that much in the least). I do have to say, I kind of based it off that one creepy headless/heartless (which one, I'll let you choose) knife-wielding lady in Which?, some really terrifying game for the computer. I've only seen the heart's ending, and I was so freaked out, I didn't dare to see the head's ending. And recently, the headless/heartless knife-wielding lady is invading my dreams again. What a nightmare. Shudder.
Have you seen Aani: Potato Dance by Cindre on deviantArt? It's what the whole potato thing is about! Lots of random cutenesses of potatoes!
Haven't slept in for a long time, so I'm exhausted. As is everyone else, especially during this season of frantic scheduling and hectic activites. Each week does not allow anyone to have at least eight hours of shut eye, much less the needed comfort.
Well, I'll stop my rant here.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Hey fellow potato fans...
Today is the day The Raw Potato is officially born. Unofficially, it was created a long time ago. But no matter--stick with the present! We are also on Facebook, and you can email me at therawpotato@gmail.com.
To start, potatoes are awesome. No doubt about it. There's no argument. If you do not like potatoes, I'm sorry--go read another blog. Strawberries also are good, and so are nerds, but potatoes will always be #1.
My blog is randomness-oriented, so don't expect anything from me to be of any point. I will publish whatever comes to mind, or whatever intrigues me. If you want me to feature anything, just email me and I will consider it. No porn, extreme violence, or copyright material (unless it's yours).
Have a thoughtful day.