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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Night of Havoc part two and other stories while I was gone

Turns out my director didn't kill me.

Thank you, God.

Now on to other topics, XD.

Recent pictures. I won't bother putting up the link because you guys know where my deviantArt is:


Thanks for bearing with me.

I did create a Google Chrome theme, with a few bugs in it. Preview:


This winter break, I guess I got kind of bored.


And if you have a deviantArt, and you’re interested in me drawing something for you, you have 2 options to earn yourself a drawing!

  1. Enter Wytewulf’s group RC-Squad’s contest. It’s Star Wars-based. I’m offering a full-body color drawing to 1st place, a non-color drawing/colored chibi for 2nd place, and a sketch or a non-colored chibi for 3rd place.
  2. Commission me! The only currency I’ll take is deviantart points, because I do not have a Paypal. More information if you’re interested is listed here: http://speckledluminance.deviantart.com/journal/37255945/

Ah, for Christmas I got:

  • Gift card to Borders
  • Zombies vs. Unicorns
  • Travel pillow
  • Fuzzy socks
  • Fingerless gloves *thank you soooo much*
  • Hazelnut chocolates
  • Headphones
  • Strathmore smooth bristol pad

I’m one happy person. ^^

Been reading a bit of D.Gray-Man and Monokuro Kitan. My mother thinks that D.Gray-Man is devilish. It’s hard to reason with her. So I guess I’ll have to read it secretly.

Ciao for now~

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Night of Havoc, part 1 in which I die

Tonight was dreadful.

I cursed 500 times more tonight than I did the last month combined. (When you see the word 'granola,' you can bet that it's a substitute for some other thoughts.)

First of all, it's a Monday. Everyone can understand that. But I had piano lessons, from 4:30 to 6:00, since my sister and I take our lessons back-to-back. I kept stressing about the lessons, and I almost forgot about my concert. But the school is close by to my teacher's house, and the time would be just right.

But on the way to my piano teacher's house, I remembered that I left my orchestra uniform and shoes home, but luckily, my sister had a concert too (elsewhere) and so my mother said she would come back with it.

Meanwhile, I had forgotten the call time and assumed it to be 6:30 P.M., but I told my mother 6:15, just in case.

She picked me up from piano lessons late because of all the exceedingly-congested rush hour traffic which happens to occur right in front of my neighborhood. I quickly changed in the car and right as we were in front of the school, both of us realized that I didn't have my violin.


My violin. How could I forget my instrument to an orchestra concert. I wanted to hit myself so hard and knock my body unconscious. I took a hold of myself and told my poor, stressed mother to please bring back my violin in 10 minutes, max. Our house is unfortunately 5 minutes away, not including the traffic. Poor Mother, I put too much stress on you today, didn't I.

As I walked in from the frosty outside air into the nicely heated building, people gave me strange looks. Well, I was wearing our 1960s-styled orchestra dress, which only the freshmen girls had to wear.

And when I strolled (with worried thoughts in my head) into the orchestra room, where my orchestra was supposed to meet, I think I died just then and there:

Everyone was dressed out, sitting in their chairs with instruments in hand. The director was tuning, and (I swear,) every. Single. Person. Was. Staring. At. Me. And. My. Empty. Hand.

Holy freaking granola goddess, why did the call time have to be 6:15.

I checked my watch. It was 6:20. I would have points deducted for being late, and not only that, I HAD NO INSTRUMENT. The director didn't even look at me. I panicked, and my friends looked at me with a mix of concern and shock. It's times like these that I truly wish time were on my side.

Panicking, I walked in and out of the room, but with no instrument. Holy granola bars, I was going to be murdered ruthlessly by my directors, I knew it. Of all days, why today to have bad luck?

Finally, I called my mother and she was coming, and she was annoyed. I stood by the double-doors, waiting and praying and desperately staring for the vehicle that would deliver the vital goods.

6:41. The highly-anticipated violin had arrived. After 20 minutes. Oh gawd, the director would kill me now, wouldn't he? My orchestra was almost done with their rehearsal, which I had missed, and I rushed into the eerie room and quickly unpacked my violin, only to find that my shoulder-rest was not there. I would just have to manage.

As my group practiced their last song, I tried to keep up, hands cold from the short trip outside and nerves causing havoc on my mind and body. Through the few minutes of practice I got, I kept thinking of what the director would do to me tomorrow. I was sure I would fail.

Fortunately, after we rehearsed, we had a few minutes to calm down before we entered the stage. I was ever-so-grateful to the concertmaster, because he let me use his shoulder-rest, since he doesn't use it. I'm indebted to him.

The concert was overall ok. My mental state was not.

I rushed home, not wanting to face the director at all. Though it may have been better if I did, for he most likely would not rebuke me. I'm still nervous, and my senses are on edge, like I've taken too much caffeine, and I know something will pop out from behind a corner but I'm not sure what.


I am awaiting the director's punishment. I'm sure it'll be harsh. What if I fail? I am done for. I know it's all my fault and I'm pretty much responsible for this, but I do not want to die. Though I think I already am.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Accounts + Tumblr?

Picture of the day:

In other news...
I wonder what I have signed up for. Different accounts and etc... (aka you can contact me and stalk me lots, XD)

  1. Facebook (private)
  2. deviantArt
  3. Blogger (you're here right now, XD)
  4. Yahoo email (private)
  5. Gmail - therawpotato@gmail.com
  6. MSN - altairtherook@hotmail.com
  7. Formspring
  8. Tegaki
  9. Youtube - I don't upload anything, XD, at least not yet.
  10. The Black Abyss forum
  11. Ichigos Forum
  12. Latale (rpg)
  13. Perfect World (rpg) [I don't play anymore]
  14. Mixpod (to listen to as I work)
  15. Gendou (download anime music)
  16. NaNoWriMo
  17. Crunchyroll
  18. Goodreads
  19. Prezi - for awesome presentations.
  20. Patchtogether
I think I have more, but probably am forgetting...

Just wondering should I add a tumblr to the accounts I already have? Because I know lots of artists who use tumblr and I do want to watch them but....

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This is the 50th post on this blog. Seems I've come a long way. Sort of. Not really.

Been busy lately. But then I've also been procrastinating. Shoot me now. 0_0

I've got a tegaki, but I don't have a tablet so it won't be great. And I won't be posting a lot on there. And whatever I post on there, I'll probably post on here as well as my deviantArt.

I haven't posted picture of the day in a long while, have I? I don't really have anything yet~

Some recent pictures - check out my deviantArt for more info - I'm kind of tired of linking each one individually.

From my tegaki: http://tewi.us/tegaki/dblog.php?u=119842

Aiyaaa! So busy - I have to go~ See ya all.

Friday, December 3, 2010


First of all, I can't resist posting this:

and this, which has gone viral.

Hope you understand. ^^

In my journalism class, we watched a movie called Shattered Glass, which is about a young man who works for the New Republic magazine, which is a prestigious magazine. He starts fabricating stories, and this is how he gets caught. It's actually based off a true story. I love how it captures the imperfection of the characters and the increasingly awkward tension between the journalists. It's a pretty good movie, though you might need some background info.

By the way, why do they call it 'true stories'? If it's true, then it's not really a story, is it? But it still could be, I suppose...

And I found the Old Master Q Website! I'm going to be reading it forever! (Note: Some comics you'll only get if you're Chinese. It's culture.) And I want this T-shirt: http://www.omqshop.com/product.php?id=11

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Forever full

Everyone had a great Thanksgiving?

I know I did. Ugh, now the smell of turkey is enough to keep me full. My stomach’s schedule is so messed up right now. Breakfast at 11, lunch at 3, and dinner at 8. No snacks, really.

Maybe I should actually try in P.E. when I get back to school, work off that extra weight that’s not supposed to be there.

In other news, I didn’t get my NaNoWriMo done by the deadline, but, I mean good Lord, I started on the 10th! But I’ll try to finish it, no matter what.

Black Friday, where do I start?

I love getting good deals on things, especially if the price is outrageously low. I mean, who wouldn’t want to miss a chance to get FREE coffee? Apparently, my parents did, because instead of going to the bookstore (where the coffee was offered), we had to go to the mall and all those giant department stores.

At least I got some stuff – a pair of boots, some skinny jeans (gasp) so I could wear those boots, two shirts. There was this really nice jacket I saw, but I don’t think we could’ve afforded it, even after all those discounts. Then I went home and crashed.

So I got to go to the bookstore (yay, finally, but the coffee offer was over) and I got some Christmas presents for my two siblings. My sister knows what I got her, because she’s been begging for it and I bought it for her but told her she couldn’t read it until Christmas. (Insert evil laugh here.) As for my brother’s I cannot say yet, because there’s a chance that he’ll be stalking my blog. But I think he already knows. He’s said he wanted it.

For Christmas, I really want this book: Zombies vs. Unicorns, by Justine Lara-something and Holly Black. Look it up on Amazon, and preview the first few pages. It’s hilarious.

I also want copics, and an ipod Touch, and a tablet, and my own computer, and Sai, and….

What a greedy little girl I am.

Well, anyways, at the bookstore, I got Crimson Shell. I really enjoyed rereading it, so thank you Jun Mochizuki, and of course, the scanlators that introduced it to me, The Black Abyss scanlations. They’ve really become nice friends, because I talk to them a lot on their forum.

Doodles anyone? Some of these are requests. See my deviantArt for to view them full size.

2010_Kai452010_Does he love you

2010_ Porphyrophobic2010_WL_32010_Edgar2010_Gyre and Gimble2010_OW_3_6Princess


The last thing over there is an animation I spent a lot of time on, an hour, maybe, and it will forever lick.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Hey all, I'm doing NaNoWriMo this month, and I'm pretty sure I won't make it, though it's worth a shot.


The writing will kill me, I mean 50,000 words! And not to mention piling it onto my homework, artwork, roleplaying, and such. How am I supposed to have a normal life? Some how. I probably will find time over the weekend, even though I have an audition for orchestra.


Good luck, all!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


I was happily doing a collage for my English REHUGO movie project on Ip Man, and I found this behind the scenes picture on the official Ip Man website.

Sammo Hung (left) actually plays a part in Ip Man 2, and the Hiroyuki Ikeuchi (right) plays General Miura in Ip Man.

This is the order that I got this week, made by mechmech on deviantArt:

CIMG0948 (480x640)


Also, if you want a nice sketch from me, go to my deviantArt page and try to catch my kiriban @ 5000 pageviews.

I have an MSN now, altairtherook@hotmail.com. Chat with me if you want! ^^

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Alternative Universes–keep thinking.

So I was thinking about alternative universes again. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it on my bog several times somewhere…

Well, anyways, I’ll restate the two things I’ve been thinking of recently.

  1. If parallel universes do exist, then somewhere out there, you’re having the best day of your life. Yet if that is so, then you’re having the worst day of your life too. So I guess you can have whatever day you want, in a way, but the ‘you’ you are might not necessarily be experiencing it that day.
  2. Say that every action you make or take reflects your beliefs, your thoughts. So if there are alternative universes, then do you believe in everything? It’s so infinite, you know. But later, I talked over it with my brother, and he actually told me that maybe everyone was just a small chunk out of one big personality. So it would say that I’d be a small fragment of who I really was… It’s really confusing, but my mind has a small grasp of it, even if it is just a tiny bit…

Anyways, if you are really interested in parallel universes, try reading The Last Universe by William Sleator. An exciting and thoughtful novel. If you like psychological-ish books like that, try another one of his books, The House of Stairs. It delves more into the human mind than theories or concepts.

So think on those things…

Requests are going to take a while, it’s hard to do art when you have to concentrate on math or English – I have to study or I will fail. So hopefully, the requests will be done by December. Sorry to keep you waiting! ^^’

I have drawn some – I will post maybe later. If you really want to see, go ahead and check out my deviantArt. But I’ll post a few.

[From left to right: my hand *so random* & Zombie Gil for Halloween]


Weather is getting colder, do keep warm. As for you southern-hemisphere dwellers, you keep cool. ;D

I wish I had wings to soar.

Happy belated Halloween, m’ friends. Have a wonderful November.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


My wonderful father has replaced the sunken ottoman that I sit in with a wonderfully supportive (and more aesthetic) computer chair. My rear is in perfect bliss, free from that disgusting seat. As soon as I sat down, my back sighed, joyful of the ergonomic qualities of this wonderful chair.

Ahh.... ♥

School has been more hectic than ever, I get a quiz or test every day, and the homework load is just ridiculous. Today is one of those lucky days where the teachers decide to be nice all on the same day. So I'm working on requests and checking my messages.

On Nov. 16, the Art club at our school is having a field trip to a nearby museum. We get an excused absence, plus we get to see art! (*0*) I'm excited!

I finished watching Durarara! I love it all, it makes me so happy and sad and I just want to hug everyone in there. ♥ If it ever comes out on DVD or something in English, you can bet on me buying it. ^^

Here are some updates on the status of requests.

  1. Hemlock2009 - status: complete [link]
  2. Demon-in-the-snow - status: complete [link]
  3. ShavaniDray - status: complete [link]
  4. My own sister - status: complete [link]
  5. lilith-lips - (reference: Miranda Nell) - status complete [link]
  6. My crazy friend who wants a pirate - status: complete [link]
  7. My expressive friend who likes anything I draw Has a dA now: FlyingPachyderm- status: 85% (Danggit, I keep changing what I want to give her.)
  8. Hemlock2009 - (reference: link) - status: 90%
  9. wytewolf - status 60% (the shading is a killer) - {you can see the wip here}
  10. Kai45 - (reference: Shayna & Auron) - status: 40%
All requests are closed as of now. It will probably open by the start of the new year, at the very least.

His life story is written on the side, if you want to take time to read it and such. XD
For helvengurl/hime, for the Wonderland Roleplay

Also for Wonderland Roleplay, character belongs to Lady Lillian/PersonallyPickled

For Taiyou, the Dormouse Kai on the Wonderland Roleplay

A birthday card my friend asked me to make for his mother

N, my version of Noodle using Gasara's dress up game
None of the art is mine, it's all Gasara's. I just wanted to post this so you could see the awesomeness that was put into this program, and what my sense of style is like. XD

As a treat, here's a music video. It's in Japanese, but I like the singer's voice and the concept is awesome, even though the white rabbit looks so lame...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Update after a long time, plus Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae (Hell Girl)

Sorry guys, haven't posted much. A lot of my time has been spent roleplaying on TBA Forums since the people on there write like freaking chapters, and I can hardly keep up. But it's fun . . .

So I've been watching Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae (Hell Girl) and it's so awesome. Except for the effects (they were so lazy) and that one scene they play over and over again, it's great. The music is good and haunting, the concept fabulous. Rated R. But I seriously did not know the rating till I was told so. (O_o)


And that's it, lol.

And as for those still waiting on my requests, I will get them done by the new year, promise! ♥ So loaded with homework...

You guys are great.