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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Quick update - I'm back

As the title explains my state of being, so I am.

Got back Sunday evening. My Sunday lasted for 30 hours+ on the plane. Ate ramen and then slept like a one-ton rock.

Yesterday I unpacked gifts, clothes, etc.

Almost missed the last plane back to meh hometown. Got lucky though.

I love air conditioning, and clean toilets, for they are the taken-for-granted luxuries you always use.

Stopped by the library today. Checked out a graphic novel, Flight (volume 2) by various artists. See you all soon.

Did draw a bit, but not much.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Guess this isn't my last post

Hey fellas.
Just wanted to update you on a new piece of art. More of a collaboration.

Raven's Hat

Made by my friend, G. L. (same person who made Spades). Colored by me. Also copyrighted by me (well, for now).

Will be going to A-Kon on Saturday, right before I leave.
So sayonara my friends.

Many blessings.

And don't get heatstroke!