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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dream wide

Heya fellows.

I got a dreamwidth account. It's a blog, yes, and it's sort of like livejournal.


If you really would like to, I could get some invite codes for you. Or try, at least.

My fingers have millimeter-thick calluses...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Was reading The Boat by Nam Le.
It's a great book, filled with short stories.
What I love best about it is that Le is able to change tone and style almost completely, from one story to another. My absolute favorite one so far is "Cartegena." I also think the way Le ends each story is wonderful, though it always seems so sudden. It is as if Le was trying to get you to connect deeply with the character, but he cuts the story off at the point where you are wanting more, more, more.
The only problem I have with it is that practically every story has sexual scenes. Except for "Hiroshima". I understand that these scenes come up now and then, but not every story has to have something like that.
Otherwise, it is a wonderful book. The styles are absolutely mesmerizing.

I went ice-skating on Monday. Fell at least three times. My sister happened to be better than me; the only time she tripped was because I fell on top of her. And a classmate (whom I have frequent arguments with) happened to be there. He skated quite wonderfully. I am jealous.

There was a birthday party too. It was quite fun. And we played "sardines," which resulted in my body being squished into a closet with about ten other people. What loveliness!

Oh yes, here's a beginning chapter of a new story. The next chapter will come out... Let's say, next month?

More pictures! Each one is linked, just if you want to check em out!

Ciao ~××♥××!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hey peeps.

Peeps. Ha. That reminds me of Scott Westerfeld.

I haven’t featured a picture of the day in quite a while. Well anyways… I would like to feature a deviantArtist whose style I like very much. His shading is absolutely amazing, and he has a good taste in colors.

*xxxRushi! Here are some pieces that I like!

Really *xxxRushi, don’t be too hard on yourself when drawing. I love practically everything you do. And you’re such a nice guy too.

Hey, for all you peeps out there that likes free stuff, I’ve found a good a good site to find a great variety of textures for all your photoshopping and/or other digital work! LostandTaken Textures on Flickr. No credit is needed, and you can use it freely. Grunge, skin, clouds, you name it. Most likely, they have it.

Ah, semester finals are coming up! Good luck, everyone! All I need to study is my PreCal and my English. The rest should be cake.

Cake… Mmmm. I wish it weren’t a lie.

I’ve made many more deviations, but I’ll post them next time!

Oh, and this made me laugh. Or rather, it did make me nosebleed. Hehe, Izaya is just too awesome. This is from episode 2.

Happy days!

>.< ~♥

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday morning madness

Actually, there was nothing mad about this morning.

My brother was telling me about this dream where I was involved. In the dream, I wielded a cigarette lighter that was a flamethrower in disguise. I acted so hilariously dumb. I think I am like that in real life.

The internet on my computer messes up sometimes. So the connection may be slow or not even there at all. It makes me frustrated.

Updated the blog layout. It shouldn’t be take that long to load anymore. I think the new green theme might be fresher compared to the last one.

As for my art, I’m trying to illustrate things in comic style. Not the regular manga I always draw, but the kind that ~vert-is-ninja draws. It’s quite attractive, her style. I just hope I can create my own.

Finals next week! I’m so excited (in a unpleasant way)! I wish, though, it would quickly and hurry and be over. It’s not fun to have the teachers drag out the torture, handing you semester reviews and what not.

I am rapidly consuming a bag of Skittles. It’s disgusting but my hand has a mind of its own and is determined to shove down the smerf-blue and electrifying-yellow sugar-loaded consumables down my throat. Please save me!

I want to say some thank yous.

♥ Thank you ~rteazer for the wonderful infinity scarf and sketchbook. I’m going to put both to good use.

♥ Thank you ~FlyingPachyderm for the wonderful book of Un Lun Dun. I will surely enjoy this book, rereading it over and over again.

♥ Thank you ~coffeeness for Pandora Hearts volume 3. I feel so happy to receive an object of obsession.

By the way, if you watch Jigoku Shoujo (anime) season 1 episode 12, it is very messed up. In a peculiar way. But if you don’t understand exactly what’s going on, I am truly sorry. (A sensei and his student, bound for hell?)

Have your own round of Saturday morning madness!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What some of you may have heard

Note: The following passage is ripped off of my deviantArt. Because I’m too lazy to rewrite.

I'm not sure exactly what happened, but after I logged off yesterday, my father logged back on and Windows failed to load.
What in granola?
So now, my computer is functional once more, but all my data is lost.
Which means deviations and also my precious homework information!
I will have to start over...

Yay, a new start. I’m not sure if I’m going to like this or not. Right now, not, because all my fiiles are lost. So I’m taking precautions and backing up everything onto my email. EVERYTHING. But my everything right now is just a few files. A story. No art yet. Some music which was saved on my mp3.

So that means I’ll have to set up Photoshop Cs4 again. What luck.

I’m tired, and I’m hoping for a better tomorrow.

Do you think I should change the layout of this blog? It takes so long for my computer to load, and sometimes it doesn’t load all the way. Maybe I should… In fact, I’ll go search up something now.

Some interesting Japanese music anyone? They’re NicoNico singers and their voices were layed over a vocaloids. I don’t really like vocaloids, but at least the singers make it sound good.

How cool!

Good luck everybody!