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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Hey all, I'm doing NaNoWriMo this month, and I'm pretty sure I won't make it, though it's worth a shot.


The writing will kill me, I mean 50,000 words! And not to mention piling it onto my homework, artwork, roleplaying, and such. How am I supposed to have a normal life? Some how. I probably will find time over the weekend, even though I have an audition for orchestra.


Good luck, all!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


I was happily doing a collage for my English REHUGO movie project on Ip Man, and I found this behind the scenes picture on the official Ip Man website.

Sammo Hung (left) actually plays a part in Ip Man 2, and the Hiroyuki Ikeuchi (right) plays General Miura in Ip Man.

This is the order that I got this week, made by mechmech on deviantArt:

CIMG0948 (480x640)


Also, if you want a nice sketch from me, go to my deviantArt page and try to catch my kiriban @ 5000 pageviews.

I have an MSN now, altairtherook@hotmail.com. Chat with me if you want! ^^

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Alternative Universes–keep thinking.

So I was thinking about alternative universes again. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it on my bog several times somewhere…

Well, anyways, I’ll restate the two things I’ve been thinking of recently.

  1. If parallel universes do exist, then somewhere out there, you’re having the best day of your life. Yet if that is so, then you’re having the worst day of your life too. So I guess you can have whatever day you want, in a way, but the ‘you’ you are might not necessarily be experiencing it that day.
  2. Say that every action you make or take reflects your beliefs, your thoughts. So if there are alternative universes, then do you believe in everything? It’s so infinite, you know. But later, I talked over it with my brother, and he actually told me that maybe everyone was just a small chunk out of one big personality. So it would say that I’d be a small fragment of who I really was… It’s really confusing, but my mind has a small grasp of it, even if it is just a tiny bit…

Anyways, if you are really interested in parallel universes, try reading The Last Universe by William Sleator. An exciting and thoughtful novel. If you like psychological-ish books like that, try another one of his books, The House of Stairs. It delves more into the human mind than theories or concepts.

So think on those things…

Requests are going to take a while, it’s hard to do art when you have to concentrate on math or English – I have to study or I will fail. So hopefully, the requests will be done by December. Sorry to keep you waiting! ^^’

I have drawn some – I will post maybe later. If you really want to see, go ahead and check out my deviantArt. But I’ll post a few.

[From left to right: my hand *so random* & Zombie Gil for Halloween]


Weather is getting colder, do keep warm. As for you southern-hemisphere dwellers, you keep cool. ;D

I wish I had wings to soar.

Happy belated Halloween, m’ friends. Have a wonderful November.