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Thursday, October 28, 2010


My wonderful father has replaced the sunken ottoman that I sit in with a wonderfully supportive (and more aesthetic) computer chair. My rear is in perfect bliss, free from that disgusting seat. As soon as I sat down, my back sighed, joyful of the ergonomic qualities of this wonderful chair.

Ahh.... ♥

School has been more hectic than ever, I get a quiz or test every day, and the homework load is just ridiculous. Today is one of those lucky days where the teachers decide to be nice all on the same day. So I'm working on requests and checking my messages.

On Nov. 16, the Art club at our school is having a field trip to a nearby museum. We get an excused absence, plus we get to see art! (*0*) I'm excited!

I finished watching Durarara! I love it all, it makes me so happy and sad and I just want to hug everyone in there. ♥ If it ever comes out on DVD or something in English, you can bet on me buying it. ^^

Here are some updates on the status of requests.

  1. Hemlock2009 - status: complete [link]
  2. Demon-in-the-snow - status: complete [link]
  3. ShavaniDray - status: complete [link]
  4. My own sister - status: complete [link]
  5. lilith-lips - (reference: Miranda Nell) - status complete [link]
  6. My crazy friend who wants a pirate - status: complete [link]
  7. My expressive friend who likes anything I draw Has a dA now: FlyingPachyderm- status: 85% (Danggit, I keep changing what I want to give her.)
  8. Hemlock2009 - (reference: link) - status: 90%
  9. wytewolf - status 60% (the shading is a killer) - {you can see the wip here}
  10. Kai45 - (reference: Shayna & Auron) - status: 40%
All requests are closed as of now. It will probably open by the start of the new year, at the very least.

His life story is written on the side, if you want to take time to read it and such. XD
For helvengurl/hime, for the Wonderland Roleplay

Also for Wonderland Roleplay, character belongs to Lady Lillian/PersonallyPickled

For Taiyou, the Dormouse Kai on the Wonderland Roleplay

A birthday card my friend asked me to make for his mother

N, my version of Noodle using Gasara's dress up game
None of the art is mine, it's all Gasara's. I just wanted to post this so you could see the awesomeness that was put into this program, and what my sense of style is like. XD

As a treat, here's a music video. It's in Japanese, but I like the singer's voice and the concept is awesome, even though the white rabbit looks so lame...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Update after a long time, plus Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae (Hell Girl)

Sorry guys, haven't posted much. A lot of my time has been spent roleplaying on TBA Forums since the people on there write like freaking chapters, and I can hardly keep up. But it's fun . . .

So I've been watching Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae (Hell Girl) and it's so awesome. Except for the effects (they were so lazy) and that one scene they play over and over again, it's great. The music is good and haunting, the concept fabulous. Rated R. But I seriously did not know the rating till I was told so. (O_o)


And that's it, lol.

And as for those still waiting on my requests, I will get them done by the new year, promise! ♥ So loaded with homework...

You guys are great.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wonderland Roleplay ... Manga?

Hi fellow potatoes!

I've been rp-ing recently on TheBlackAbyss Forums on their Wonderland roleplay. And I guess I got so inspired, I decided to create a manga/comic of it. Only one page so far. I also need to know if you'd rather it be right to left, or left to right format (manga or tradtional).

See my dA for details.

Haha, just wanted to post this. Have a great weekend, my potatoes.