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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Capella, gift for lostlocket, commissioned by yu-nomii

The following is a post from tumblr.

When I think about the vast amount of talent there is in the art world, I feel bewildered.

Just browsing through sites like pixiv.net, Tegaki E, and deviantART I am always astonished, amazed and inspired. And when I think about it even more, I feel like I’m more on the worse side of the scale than on the talented side.

In my future career, I’m probably going to pursue something related to journalism, because I love writing. Nonfiction writing is quite fun, because facts are sometimes weirder than fiction. But because I won’t pursue an artistic career, I wonder why I even draw.

But I think about it and then I know why: to fill in those free hours, to watch as images jumped out of the pages. To become better. Art holds so many values and so many emotions for me, and I know it is something I will never let go of.

So I will continue to draw and color, paint and sketch, cut and paste all the little stories of life and love and joy and hope into the pieces I create. No matter what, I cannot afford to be lazy, uninspired, or thrown off course.

God gave me this gift, and I plan to use it for the fullest.

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