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Thursday, May 26, 2011


As the school year closes (and some are already closed) it marks the season of relentless tests and quizzes, projects and frantic extra-credit assignments. And the dreaded finals.

This semester, my only concern is really Pre-Calculus, as usual. Then comes English, Biology, then World Geography. The elective classes will prove to be easy, since we’re allowed to use our notes. In P.E., as long as I ran a mile in under 12 minutes, I’d get an easy 100.

So today I ran, and all throughout today I was so tired. So tired, in fact, that I did quite terribly during my violin lessons. My teacher quickly figured that out, since I played a piece more terribly than I did last time I sight-read it. Of course, my weariness could be also due to the fact that I went to sleep at around 1 A.M. last night.

I’ve been doing much thinking, and I’ve decided to create a visual novel. It’s actually going to be the story of Eira, since I’m sort of too lazy to write the rest. It’s very difficult to write in that poetic form and carry on a story, so I’m pretty much condensing it to storyline. Perhaps I’ll write it properly later on, after I finish this project.

Did you know that Eira is based on a short story (found in an anthology) which in turn is based on Yuki-onna?

But before I begin, I have to write the script, and I also have to figure the code for Ren’py, a great (and free!) visual novel making software. I get only the basic coding, but the rest is pretty much out of my mind. It does contain some Python, but I’m completely unfamiliar with it as well. But slowly, over the summer, I may be able to learn the language.

Also, I’m most likely going to need a tablet if I want to make clean, smooth graphics. I especially hope that whatever tablet I will buy (or receive) will come this year. I’m very eager to get my hands on one! Hahah! However, I can still draw character sketches for you to see. I have a vague idea on what I want them to look like. Vague. Hey, maybe doing this project will also help me in drawing backgrounds.

Didn’t draw for a week due to another project, so I drew this right after reading Pandora Hearts Retrace LXI

a past without me

Graahh… I used to hate this evil fellow but that chapter changed it. Pretty much love him now.

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